Mutheus world

issaaaa liiifffeeee


How could she truly live when something is always holding her back, keeping you tied. ‘let go’ they said, ‘thats the only way to move forward’. she loved that people have opinions and they dare share them even when not asked for. The audacity. No Sarah I did not ask for your opinions on my […]


You are always apologising, you should stop that. I know sometimes you’re just being modest, but i see it in your eyes, how sincere you are and thats the part of you i fear the most. I would never know if you are lying or not. I once talked about you with a friend, not […]

Up Here

You ever take time to look at yourself in the mirror? Do you look yourself in the eye and have a one on one conversation with you? What do you say? Do you ask if he/she is alright? I know you already know that, maybe you are ok maybe you are not. If i cought […]


Whatever makes you happy,

whatever makes your heart skip,

whoever is sunshine, whoever gets you.

That,s where it’s at.

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